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Local Comedian Matthew Giuffrida Has A 'COVID Crusher Plan' For Montreal & It's Hilarious

The video about it has over 13.6k views on Instagram already.
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Local Comedian Matthew Giuffrida Has A 'COVID Crusher Plan' For Montreal & It's Hilarious

Montreal actor and comedian Matthew Giuffrida always manages to find the humour in everything — and then he shares it with his nearly 35k followers on Instagram, and thousands of followers on Facebook, YouTube and TikTok.

And this local legend has done it again with his recent video, in which he appears as his character Martin discussing the "orange alert" that Montreal, along with four other Quebec regions, currently find themselves under.

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Martin, with his potty-Québécois language, feels the same frustration as most of us, wondering how we so rapidly went from code yellow to code orange... "Friday, maybe it's code f*cking magenta caliss."

Giuffrida has made multiple videos ridiculing Montreal's orange zones, and now he says "slowly this whole city is becoming orange."

Beyond the colour concerns, his character is also confused about the bars closing at 12 a.m. "We're dealing with a pandemic, not a werewolf who wakes up at midnight." 

But no need to fear, you can listen to our man Martin's big plans to become the province's next "COVID crusher" in the video, which involves taking the money used to light up bridges in Montreal and using that to help with the pandemic instead.

Since being shared on September 22, the post has racked up over 13.6k views on Instagram, 2.4k on Youtube and 3.2k shares on Facebook. 

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