If your favourite movie growing up was The Little Mermaid or if you used to splash around in the pool like you had a tail for legs, then your dreams have been answered. You can take the ultimate mermaid class in Montreal to flex your muscles and your mermaid skills.

Aquamermaid offers lessons, private events, mermaid entertainment and fitness classes, which are held at La Cité rooftop pool

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During the year, classes are held at Notre-Dame College's 25-metre indoor pool.

According to the page, you'll learn "mermaid swimming techniques, synchronized swimming techniques, Monofin swimming techniques, mermaid dances, underwater acrobatic movements, breathing techniques, and improve endurance, cardio, & speed."

Just imagine the ab workout!

And yes, there will be plenty of time for photos to show off your fins. 

Speaking of, you can rent a tail or bring your own. 

Aquamermaid also has a range of beautiful tails for you to purchase.

But classes aren't just for mermaids...

"All mermen, mermaids, sirens, & merfolk are welcome!"

We spoke with Marielle Chartier Henault, the Founder and CEO of AquaMermaid, who let us in one what 2020 has been like for the school.

Courtesy of Aquamermaid

"This year was challenging for service businesses, but I really wanted to keep making people happy through our mermaid lessons and we pivoted our services to more private lessons at home and on our swimmable mermaid tail products," she said.

If you're willing to go the full mile in your mermaid transformation, you'll be happy to know the company makes seashell bras, made with REAL seashells.

As for the classes, everyone who participates should already know how to swim.

The FAQ page says that you can wear any comfortable bathing suit that allows you to move, but strapless bikinis are not recommended. So the seashell bras are just for outside of the water.

Courtesy of Aquamermaid

Classes are $200 for four consecutive claes and $360 for eight.

You can join at any time of the year and there are six levels for you to become a mermaid master.

You can also train for national and international competitions.

That's right. Mermaid competitions.

Courtesy of Aquamermaid

Now, if you're wondering if Ariel will be teaching the classes, unfortunately, she's a bit busy, but a certified instructor will help you go from a young mermaid to being the royalty of the water.

But like Ariel or King Trident — not like Ursala. 

If that sounds like the coolest job ever, then you can also become a certified mermaid instructor.

Courtesy of Aquamermaid

Sea you in class!