Mini Jars Of Boustan Garlic Sauce Are Available At Quebec Grocery Stores

A dream come true. 🧄

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Boustan potatoes. Right: Boustan garlic sauce.

Boustan potatoes. Right: Boustan garlic sauce.

Montrealers' dreams have officially been answered! You can now get Boustan garlic sauce at one of the most popular grocery store chains in Quebec.

For only $5.99, you can snag yourself six mini jars of Boustan garlic sauces at IGA. That means you can keep this essential item on you at all times — in your bag, in your jacket pocket, in your fanny pack, in your lunch box... Anywhere really.

Boustan mini garlic sauce

Boustan mini garlic sauceBoustan mini garlic sauceIGA

Now, you won't have to find your closest Boustan to indulge in some quality garlic sauce.

You can try to make your own potatoes and add the sauce on top, but no promises that they'll taste as good as Boustan's garlic potatoes.

If ever you live closer to a Metro grocery store, you can cop yourself a Shawarma Chicken Frozen Meal from Boustan, although by the looks of its website, you'll have to take an additional trip to IGA to get the garlic sauce to put on top of it.

And, if ever you're too lazy to make your way to a grocery store, you can always still order yourself a meal from Boustan on UberEats — no judgement here.

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Alanna Moore
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