Montreal Could Get Hit With A Ton Of Snow In The Next 7 Days

Enough to bury 2021 under. 🥶

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Montreal Could Get Hit With A Ton Of Snow In The Next 7 Days

For all those who were hoping for a white Christmas, it looks like your wish may have been granted.

The Weather Network's most recent seven-day Montreal weather forecast is predicting snow six out of the seven days from December 24 to December 30.

Mother Nature clearly wanted our city to go out of 2021 with a bang (of flurries.) And honestly, let's just bury all the pain of 2021 under it.

The Weather Network

On December 24, not much snow is expected, but it's supposed to be the coldest night of the seven days ahead — so you're going to want to make sure to bundle up if you plan on waiting outside to try and see Santa Claus.

And then, on Christmas — or just December 25 for some — a whole bunch of snow is likely to sprinkle all over our city to make this festive day as magical as can be. With approximately five centimetres of snow in the forecast, you're likely going to have to spend quite some time cleaning off your car before heading to any holiday dinners.

Who knows, maybe this big snowdrop will make some Montrealers skip their holiday gatherings — like Montreal's Regional Director of Public Health Dr. Mylène Drouin recently requested that we do, due to the immense spike in COVID-19 cases in our city.

And if you were hoping to snow would disappear for the first day of Kwanzaa, I have bad news for you... Tuesday is the only day in the seven-day forecast that we're not expected to see a least a few snowflakes.

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