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Montreal's Forecast Shows A White Christmas & Omicron Can't Take That Away From Us

Mother Nature on the other hand...

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Montreal's Forecast Shows A White Christmas & Miss Rona Can't Take That Away From Us

With about a week to go until Christmas (can you believe it?) and with hardly any snow on the ground, you may be wondering if you'll get to experience a white Christmas in Montreal this year.

According to The Weather Network's 2021 "Holiday Snow Report," which it released Friday morning, the chance of Montrealers seeing a white Christmas is actually pretty high.

"Most of southern Ontario and Quebec is devoid of snow after two bursts of uncommonly high temperatures, but all is not quite lost: a system this weekend will bring 5-10 cm over a wide area," says The Weather Network's report.

"Ottawa and Montreal should stay cold enough over next week to let them hold on to any snow that does fall."

Other cities may not be so lucky — if you, in fact, consider an end-of-December snow dump a good thing.

The Weather Network predicts that Windsor and Halifax have low chances of seeing a white Christmas. Charlottetown and St. John's have medium-level chances.

Overall, The Weather Network expects that "the majority of Canada is likely to see a white Christmas, but for a third of the population, whether it's a white or green Christmas will come right down to the wire, and depend on how some particular details shape up in the leadup to the day."

According to the report, this year's holiday forecast is in line with past trends. Historically, 77% of Montreal Christmases have been snow-filled.

Based on The Weather Network's 14-day forecast, the weather on December 24 will be a mix of sun and clouds, reaching a high of -3 and a low of -6. December 25 is expected to be sunny with a high of -3 and a low of -7. However, the daytime temperature could feel closer to -8 C with the windchill.

While you may not be able to watch the snow fall from your window on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, at least there will likely be a beautiful blanket of white snow on the ground. Not even Omicron can take that away from us.

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