Montreal Is About To Be Buried In Snow Again — Get Ready For Low Temps & Slow Traffic

Winter isn't over yet. ⛄

MTL Blog, Associate Editor
Someone bundled up in a winter coat walks by snow-covered stairs in Montreal.​

Someone bundled up in a winter coat walks by snow-covered stairs in Montreal.

Montreal's brief respite from bitter cold and stormy weather is coming to an end — expect a reminder this week that we're still in the depths of winter.

Environment Canada issued a special statement on February 21 warning of heavy snowfall, gusting winds and dropping temperatures over the following three days. Nearly a foot of snow is expected between Wednesday and Saturday.

Powdery precipitation and windy conditions are likely to create blowing snow, causing slippery roads and sidewalks, and hindering vision for pedestrians and motorists. Your mid-week commute might take longer than usual as a result.

The southernmost parts of Quebec could see around 20 centimetres of snow, according to the federal weather agency. Meanwhile, MétéoMédia reports that Montreal may get a full 30 centimetres of the white stuff.

Meteorologists anticipate two powerful cold fronts are blowing up from the southwestern U.S. toward Canada that will likely meet over Quebec and parts of Ontario on Wednesday.

While a major ice storm is likely to hit Ontario, and significant rainfall will occur south of the border, Quebec's temps will remain cold enough to get constant snow for at least 24 hours.

Montrealers should plan to bundle up, given expected daily averages of -10 C coupled with strong 50 km/h winds. Environment Canada predicts a low of -21 C on Friday night and then more snow falling on Sunday and Monday.

Perhaps this frightful forecast was foreshadowed by Quebec's groundhog day surprise.

Sofia Misenheimer
MTL Blog, Associate Editor
Sofia Misenheimer is an award-winning writer, editor and former radio journalist with a passion for finding hidden gems in the city.
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