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Montreal's February Weather Will Finally Unleash Winter's Fury, According To Forecasts

*sips spiked hot chocolate* It's about to get real.

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Montreal's pier and downtown skyline in winter.

Montreal's pier and downtown skyline in winter.

If Montreal's wildly inconsistent January weather patterns haven't freaked you out already, the latest February forecasts from Environment Canada and MétéoMédia are sure to ruffle some frigid feathers. February's weather is about to be colder than it's been all winter, so get ready for layers upon layers and sweating on the metro.

"We haven't had a particularly cold winter thus far," Environment Canada meteorologist Simon Legault told MTL Blog over the phone, but in February, things are going to get real.

Of course, even "not particularly cold" actually means "really godd*mn cold" to some of us, especially those who are recent Montreal transplants still figuring out how to dress for the winter. Legault added that February "might feel colder" than it actually is since the rest of the winter has been so warm.

This is bad news bears for Montreal, where Legault's coworker Jean-Philippe Bégin says the cold will be "back in full force" heading into next month. "For the first 10 days of the month, there's a consensus that we'll see below-average temperatures for the season, Bégin continued.

"It'll be the coldest weather we've seen so far this winter," he concluded, rather ominously.

MétéoMédia's forecast, based on historic weather data, puts the highest chance of precipitation in February at around 30% toward the end of the month. Average temperatures are predicted to hover around freezing or just below, meaning any snow that does fall is likely to stick around.

The Farmer's Almanac, which makes predictions much farther in the future than most sane meteorologists do, says there's a chance of a Nor'easter in mid-February, which they claim "may drop as much as 30-60 centimetres of snow" across Eastern Canada.

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    Willa Holt
    Staff Writer
    Willa Holt is a Staff Writer for MTL Blog focused on apartments for rent and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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