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Montreal Is Colder Than Moscow Right Now

It's also colder than the largest city in Siberia. 🥶

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Montreal Is Colder Than Moscow Right Now

Montreal is colder than Moscow on Monday. According to Environment Canada, temperatures in Quebec's metropolis plunged to an icy -16 C (-20 windchill) at 10:00 a.m. while, at the same time, the Russian capital enjoyed a balmy -9 C (-16 windchill), per The Weather Network.

Montreal is colder than other stereotypically frigid European cities too, including Helsinki (where it's -3 C, according to The Weather Network), Saint Petersburg (-6 C) and the northern Norway municipality of Tromsø (-13 C per The Weather Channel).

It's also seeing lower temperatures than the largest city in Siberia, Novosibirsk, where The Weather Network says it's -8 C. (The northernmost Siberian city is colder, however: -41 C).

With a temperature of -3 C, the United States' Antarctic McMurdo Base, where it's currently summer, is warmer than Montreal, too.

The city isn't done with its cold streak either.

Environment Canada shows temperatures dipping to -17 C Monday night. The rest of the week will be more reasonable, with daytime temperatures ranging from -1 C to -6 C, according to the same forecast.

By Saturday, however, Montrealers could be back to daytime temperatures in the negative double digits.

The Weather Network predicts things will get even grimmer the following week. The site's 14-day forecast shows a nighttime temp of -27 C on Monday, January 10 and daytime temps ranging from -8 C to -17 C all next week.

We could be in for even more precipitation, too. Environment Canada's forecast shows a chance of snow every day from Tuesday, January 4 to Sunday, January 9.

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