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14 Tips For Surviving Montreal Winters That We All Desperately Need To Remember

Yes, even if you've lived here your entire life...
14 Tips For Surviving Montreal Winters That We All Desperately Need To Remember

If you just moved to the city, you're probably starting to realize that Montreal is an unbelievable city — even in the winter. I'm sure you've heard lots of things about Montreal in the winter, but now that you're here, there are a couple of things that you should probably know.

Or, if you've been here your entire life, consider this a little list of reminders.

It may be cold, but Montreal can still be one of the coolest cities, even when it feels too cold to function.

But like any true Montrealer, you have to experience the city in the winter to truly get a sense of its most chill (and chilliest) season of the year.

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Two words: freezing cold.

Like, seriously cold. You've heard of lake-effect? Well, Montreal's an island, so pretty much everywhere gets that takes-your-breath-away-makes-you-swear-more-than-normal chill.

There's going to be snow... A LOT of it.

Not all places get snow in the winter, but Montreal definitely does. And it's snow joke.

Your mom was right: warm socks will change your life.

Seriously, if your feet are cold, you'll be cold. It's a simple life fact. Get yourself some fun warm socks.

Buying yourself a $5 sled will be a great investment.

Yep, Montreal winters are the best time to embrace your inner child. A sled just makes the whole season more fun.

You're going to need a shovel.

Montreal is known for its nice windy stairs, but they suddenly don't feel so practical when they're pilled with snow. So, owning a shovel will make your life a whole lot easier.

The city completely lights up with all the snow.

Despite the cold, the city can honestly be really beautiful during the winter — it almost looks like a snowglobe. And, there are tons of cool spots for a winter photoshoot.

But it all gets ruined by construction.

Despite the beauty of the glistening white, it's definitely ruined by all of the neon orange. To be fair, construction can ruin a beautiful summer's day, too.

Don't drive a "mobile igloo."

Marc Bruxelle | Dreamstime

Seriously, make sure you clean off your car before you start driving... Or you could end up with a steep fine.

You're going to need to start walking 2x slower than you do during other seasons.

During the cold months in the 514, the streets basically become sheets of ice. So, make sure to walk slowly because you could very well fall on your bum at any moment.

The STM may test your patience.

Your bus will likely be late pretty often during the cold months. Believe us, it's normal. In the same way that we have to walk slower, the buses have to move a little slower, too. But no need to fear, the STM has some great tips for using public transport during the winter that you can follow.

A warm coat and waterproof boots are absolute must-haves.

You don't have to break the bank, but you definitely should find a good quality jacket and pair of boots. You won't regret it.

Mittens > Gloves

While we're on the topic of clothing, buy mittens instead of gloves. Trust me, they're so much warmer.

Your bills may seem a little steeper than in the summer.

Between buying warm clothes, heating bills and ordering in more than other times of the year, you may notice your bills start to go up. But don't worry, that's totally normal.

But, it won't last forever. So, enjoy it.

It may not feel like it in the middle of January, but eventually, it will be summer again and as cold as you are in winter, you'll be just as hot in summer. The Canadian circle of life.

But be sure to take advantage of all of the wonderful things in winter while you can!

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