​Someone holds up a juicy burger. Right, A burger with egg, bacon, Nutella and a beef patty.

Someone holds up a juicy burger. Right, A burger with egg, bacon, Nutella and a beef patty.

Le Burger Week is back in Montreal on September 1 and beefing up its selection of ground rounds from local restaurants. For two weeks, you can work your way through a list of over 70 participating restaurants to taste the city's juiciest patties and sample some of its wackiest burger creations.

Bite into limited edition burgers, like the vegan-friendly Impossible Butter Burger from El Furniture Warehouse downtown or the Mac & Cheese Burger from Les 3 Brasseurs locations. Then rate which one you like best on Le Burger Week's website. Prizes will be awarded based on which burgers prove the most popular.

If you're looking for a burger-pizza mash-up, try the Burger Pie from Industria Pizzeria & Bar with house pizza dough, Angus beef patty, pepperoni, red peppers, mushroom, mozzarella, cheddar, lettuce, pickle and burger sauce. Or maybe you're brave enough to dive into the Nutella Feast Burger from Maamm Bolduc with AAA chuck beef patty, mayonnaise, Swiss cheese, thin crepe, Nutella, egg and bacon.

While there are many traditional options for meat eaters on the menu, this year there's an added focus on plant-based burgers.

Dig into the Guacamole Veggie Burger from Cartierville's Restaurant Paolo et Suzanne, which features a homemade veggie patty topped with guacamole, crispy onions, lettuce, tomatoes and hot banana peppers.

Or perhaps the Aubert Burger from La Cale – Zero Waste Pub in Little Italy? That features a homemade vegan bun, fried eggplant steak, marinated carrots and turnips, bean sprouts, ketchup and vegan mayo.

If any of Le Burger Week's offerings are too far away for you to try in-restaurant, you can always get them delivered via DoorDash.

Le Burger Week 2022

When: September 1 - 14


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