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Montreal Weather Could Get Colder Than It's Been In 4 Years Next Week

According to The Weather Network.

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Montreal Weather Could Get Colder Than It's Been In 4 Years Next Week

Well, we couldn't avoid it forever. The worst of Montreal winter temperatures will start to creep in next week following a relatively mild start to the season, according to a Weather Network forecast published January 5. It says the city could see its coldest weather in four years as Arctic air moves east after pummelling Western Canada.

That cold air pocket will glide across Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada, The Weather Network says.

Its two-week forecast shows daytime temperatures Monday reaching -12 C before diving even further down the thermometer, to -25 C, at night. Then on Tuesday, the network forecasts a daytime high of -21 C and a horrifying nighttime low of -27 C.

The forecast says the extreme cold will be short-lived, but the two-week outlook still shows most days reaching the negative double digits, with -18 C evenings on Friday, January 14, and Saturday, January 15.

Environment Canada, for its part, shows a nighttime low of -23 C on Monday and a daytime high of -18 C on Tuesday followed by temperatures reaching -24 C after the sun goes down.

For a preview of what's to come, take a look at the Environment Canada extreme cold warnings blanketing the Prairies on the morning of January 7.

Environment Canada

From Regina, Saskatchewan to Winnipeg, Manitoba, for instance, the federal weather agency warns of lows in the -30s, which, combined with moderate wind, is making it feel like it's as cold as -40.

At least we're all working from home?

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