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The Weather Network Shared 5 Random Household Items That'll Help You Combat Winter

You may want to start keeping cat litter in your trunk.

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The Weather Network Shared 5 Random Household Items That'll Help You Combat Winter

Surviving winter is truly a sport on its own. Between the snow, the salt, the ice, and the cold weather, it sometimes feels impossible to go a day without something going wrong.

To help get through this season a little easier, The Weather Network shared five household items that almost all of us have laying around which can be used to combat snow and ice.

Pam Cooking Spray Original

While we all know that Pam is great for making sure food doesn't stick to a pan when we're cooking, turns out this magic spray has other useful purposes. Next time you need to scoop some snow, try coating your shovel with Pam beforehand. According to The Weather Network, "the snow will slide right off when you throw it into the pile."

Cat Litter

Cat litter may be handier than you think. The Weather Network suggests keeping some cat litter in your trunk during the cold season. Why? Two reasons. It can help your back tires stay grounded and if you ever get stuck on the road, you can use the litter to gain traction in snow.

Hand Sanitizing Gel

We've basically all been carrying hand sanitizer around since the pandemic began — and apparently there's more reason to do so than just practicing good hygiene. When you find yourself faced with a frozen lock, spread a little hand sanitizer onto your key and The Weather Network says the alcohol content will melt the ice. No more getting locked out of your car or house because of the cold!

A Kitchen Whisk

This one is for the puppy parents. If your dog gets snowballs or ice clumps stuck in its fur, you can use a whisk to help get them out. Your pup will thank you.

A Spatula

Most of us don't think of keeping a spatula in our car, but turns out it may be a good idea to do so. It can be used as an ice scraper, in case your real one breaks.

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