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Montrealers Can Now Get 'Baked Sushi' & It's Bound To Be The Next Big Food Trend

First there were sushi burritos, now there's this...
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Montrealers Can Now Get 'Baked Sushi' & It's Bound To Be The Next Big Food Trend

Montreal loves sushi. It seems like there's a sushi spot on every block — and we even have top-notch vegan options like Momo. As a bonafide lover of all things raw fish and raw fish adjacent, I'm definitely not mad about Montreal's fondness for it. But there comes a time when every Montreal sushi lover must accept that it is indeed possible to have too much of a good thing. That's why it's best to change it up every once in a while. Luckily, the food gods have made it possible to do this while still maintaining the essence of our favourite Japanese dish. First, there were sushi burritos. Then came poke bowls. Now, introducing baked sushi

It has the potential to be the city's next viral food trend. Especially since Sushi Bake Montreal recently opened for business.

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According to the Facebook page, it's "Sushi baked in a pan instead of a normal sushi roll!"

Basically, it's a deconstructed sushi roll consisting of layers of vinegared sushi rice, seafood and other ingredients — such as Furikake (Japanese rice seasoning), mayo, sour cream and fish roe — scooped up and served with seaweed. Or cut into little squares.

"Perfect to bring to a party or potluck," said Aren Jancinal who runs Sushi Bake Montreal with her husband Yasser Galimba.

The concept of sushi bake has been around for a while in other parts of the world.

Philipino celebrity nail artist Mimi Qiu Reyes claims to have invented the dish five years ago.

Female Network reported that she turned it into a business during quarantine "after she had to temporarily close down her nail salon." 

Since then, other companies have followed suit propelling baked sushi into a quarantine food craze, which has finally reached Montreal.

"I love sushi so much that when quarantine started, I saw this popular food trend in the Philippines and I made my own version of it," Jancinal said.

"My family and I devoured it and I had to make it at least twice or thrice a week! We were crazy about it! So we thought, why not share it with the world?"

At the moment, Sushi Bake offers two flavours: Original Kani and Spicy Cheesy Kani. You can also order half & half on a medium or large tray.

Sushi Bake delivers within Montreal and accepts pick-ups on weekdays in Lasalle. 

Sushi Bake Montreal

Price: Starting at $10 per tray

Why You Need To Go: Try the latest food trend: a delicious spin on sushi 

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