Montreal's Average Rent Is Already Increasing In 2023, But These Areas Are Staying Cheap

Can you guess which ones?

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Montrealers looking at the skyline from the top of Mount Royal in winter.

Montrealers looking at the skyline from the top of Mount Royal in winter.

The average rent across Montreal is still hovering above the $1,500 mark, a far cry from the worst neighbourhoods in Toronto or Vancouver, but still hundreds more than the average rent in previous years. In February of 2022, Montreal's average rent was $1,414, according to Now, it's climbed to nearly $1,600 — but some areas are being hit harder than others.

Traditionally cheaper neighbourhoods, like Hochelaga-Maisonneuve or Villeray-Parc-Extension are seeing slower increases than pricier areas like downtown or Westmount. In Hochelaga, the average two-bedroom will cost you $1,755, much less than downtown's whopping $2,540 average.

As Hochelaga retained its spot as the least expensive Montreal neighbourhood, Saint-Henri overtook both downtown and Westmount, with the cheapest type of apartment — an unfurnished one-bedroom — costing more in Saint-Henri than a two-bedroom in Hochelaga.

For Montrealers looking to split a cheaper apartment, it seems that basic local wisdom still holds true: avoid the city centre, and consider moving north — true north, that is, not so much Montreal's weird concept of north that doesn't actually make any sense.

Prices for two-bedroom apartments in Ahuntsic-Cartierville have also remained low, coming in at $1,722 for an unfurnished space. If you're searching for a furnished place, your budget will need to increase, but not by much in Hochelaga or Ahuntsic, where the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment still ranges close to $2,000.

Compare this to Verdun, where a furnished two-bedroom will cost you nearly $3,000 — even more than the same apartment downtown, which comes to an average of $2,733, a slight decrease from January 2023.

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