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Montreal's Greenspot Diner Is Selling Hot Dogs For 74 Cents All Weekend

Wieners for everyone!

Montreal's Greenspot Diner Is Selling Hot Dogs For 74 Cents All Weekend

Montreal's iconic Greenspot Restaurant is selling hot dogs for 74 cents this weekend, September 18 and 19, to celebrate its 74th anniversary.

On Facebook, the Saint-Henri eatery says it's converting its small parking lot on avenue Greene into a picnic area for the event.

And the wiener fun doesn't stop there. Greenspot is having a contest on its Instagram page where followers have the chance to win 74 hot dogs — a prize they can redeem at their discretion.

The restaurant invites followers to share the Instagram post and tag three friends to enter the contest.

Daily two-for-one deals have also been part of the 74th-anniversary celebrations.

Dating back to 1947, Greenspot serves American and Quebec diner classics (including a long list of hearty poutines) amid retro decor (including individual table jukeboxes — they don't work but they're super charming!).

Get the details on the 74th-anniversary hot dog deal below.

Greenspot Restaurant 74-cent Hot Dogs

Price: $0.74

When: September 18 and 19, 2021

Where: Greenspot Restaurant, 3041, rue Notre-Dame O., Montreal, QC

Facebook page

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