Montreal's Mayor Has Been On A Mission In New York City

Valerie Plante spoke at the UN and visited Quebec-owned businesses in the Big Apple.

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​Valerie Plante looks out of a window overlooking New York City that is spray-painted with "NYC" in graffiti script.

Valerie Plante looks out of a window overlooking New York City that is spray-painted with "NYC" in graffiti script.

Courtesy of the Mayor's office.

Mayor Valerie Plante has spent her long weekend, and much of last week, in New York City elevating Montreal's profile on the world stage. She attended multiple United Nations events around migration and visited Quebec businesses with storefronts in the Big Apple.

Among her more high-profile outings, Plante presented at the UN International Migration Review Forum. Her round table discussion focused on social inclusion and access to basic services. The event was chaired by Portugal and Thailand, reviewing the progress made on the Global Compact for Migration (GCM), an agreement that outlines ways of improving the lives of immigrants in their new countries of residence.

She later attended a meeting with the President of the UN General Assembly Abdullah Shahid on the situation in Ukraine and the protection of children. During the event, mayors from around the world discussed the role of local governments in refugee and migrant inclusion, especially children. The event highlighted the frontline role that cities play in protecting and empowering young people who immigrate.

The mayor also visited Quebec-owned companies Maguire and KANUK. Maguire is a women-owned shoe store with products designed in Montreal. The mayor was rocking a pair from the company's new line as she traipsed across NYC. She later tried on Canada-made coats at KANUK, tweeting "the company that makes warm and durable coats I love, promotes our know-how internationally."

Plante's stay in the Big Apple started off with a 'Taste of Montreal' reception to mark the city's 380th anniversary. The event was co-organized by the General Delegation of Quebec in New York and by the City of Montreal.

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MTL Blog, Associate Editor
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