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Sleeping giants are hidden across Montreal and few know where they are. The enormous works by artists ELLA & PITR cover roofs from Hochelaga to NDG, sometimes taking up thousands of square feet, Narcity Host Alex Melki explains. The exact locations of the Montreal sleeping giants are a mystery left to eagle-eyed residents to solve for themselves.

Two of the monumental figures, Melki says, were gifts to the city for the 2016 edition of the Under Pressure International Graffiti Festival.

These things are huge — sometimes the size of a city block.

Alex Melki, Narcity Host

Like creatures from a storybook, the colossal characters are all around us but invisible to people going about their daily lives.

ELLA & PITR have placed giants in cities around the world, posting photos on Instagram of the completed works.

All of them seem to interact with their environments, squeezing into awkward angles and tight urban nooks for an eternal snooze.

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