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A Company From The List Of Montreal's Top Employers Is Hiring For 70 Quebec Positions

It has a nap room, free on-site gym and on-site massages!
A Company From The List Of Montreal's Top Employers Is Hiring For 70 Quebec Positions

If you're looking for a job in Quebec, you probably perked up at the sight of 'Montréal's Top Employers' list for 2021, which was released earlier this month.

One of those companies, ABB Canada, is hiring for 70 open positions in Quebec and almost 50 of them are in the Montreal area. Who wouldn't want to work somewhere that was recognized for its excellent atmosphere, benefits, vacation time, skill-building and more?! 

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49 Open positions near Montreal at ABB Canada

ABB is a technology company focused on innovating within the utilities, transportation and infrastructure space. Think robotics, automation, electric race cars and more. 

According to the team behind Montreal's Top Employers (2021), ABB was selected because new employees start with three weeks of paid vacation, and the company has a health and wellness program and helps employees save for the future with a defined pension contribution plan.

ABB also got A+ on its physical workspace, which has electric vehicle charging stations, e-bike charging stations, a corporate ride-share account, sit-stand workstations, an on-site cafeteria with take-home meals, an on-site gym with free membership for employees, on-site massages, a religious observance room, sleep pods and even a designated nap room.

The open positions vary in terms of experience and skill level requirements — from intern to senior management — so there's truly something for everyone.

Here are some of the open positions near Montreal, so you can see if any of them are a fit for you, but this is just a sample:

  • Service Technician (Laval)
  • Industrial Engineering Intern (Pointe-Claire)
  • Material Handler-Tugger, Day/Evening/Night shifts (Pointe-Claire)
  • Sales Specialist (Saint-Hubert)
  • Customer Support Specialist (Saint-Laurent, Dorval, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu)
  • Digital Marketing Communications Intern (Saint-Laurent)
  • Project Management Intern (Saint-Laurent)
  • Customer Service Representative (Saint-Laurent)
  • Benefits and Pension Advisor (Saint-Laurent)
  • Financial Analyst (Saint-Laurent)
  • Product Specialist (Saint-Laurent)
  • Corporate Communications Intern (Saint-Laurent)
  • Sales Support Manager (Saint-Laurent)
  • R&D Intern (Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu)
  • Manager of Quality & Methods (Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu)

You can apply on the ABB Canada careers webpage

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