Only 1 Quebec Restaurant Made It To OpenTable's '100 Best Restaurants For Outdoor Dining'

They weren't kidding when they say "you win some, you lose some." OpenTable's "100 Best Restaurants For Outdoor Dining" was recently released and only one Quebec restaurant made the cut...

Although Montreal is known for its beautiful terrasses, only one spot in our province made it into the ranking, and it's located in... Laval. So, it seems you're going to want to add LOV Laval to your "to try" list. And no need to stress if you don't feel like leaving the city, there's also a LOV in Montreal — it just didn't make OpenTable's Top 100.

Restaurants in Ontario took up the majority of the list, including eight spots in Toronto such as Amsterdam Barrel House, Cafe Belong and Paese Ristorante Bathurst St.

But, it's important to remember that OpenTable's ranking was "generated solely from diner reviews collected between June 1, 2020 and May 31, 2021."

So, let's go ahead and assume Quebecers love our terrasses so much that they simply had no time to review them.