Part Of Downtown Montreal Will Transform Into An Alsatian Village For Christmas This Year

Here's what to expect at Montreal's Grand Marché de Noël.

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Part Of Downtown Montreal Will Transform Into An Alsatian Village For Christmas This Year

Downtown Montreal's Christmas market, the Grand Marché de Noël, is making its long-awaited return — and it's bringing part of Alsace with it.

This holiday season, the market in the Quartier des spectacles will include a makeshift neighbourhood inspired by the French region known for its German roots and charming medieval architecture.

The centrepiece of the market will, of course, be a giant illuminated Christmas tree.

The Grand Marché de Noël will be just one of three large Christmas events in the city this year. The Atwater and Jean-Talon markets are also set to host a collection of local vendors in holiday-themed huts.

In total, according to organizing company La Lutinerie, over 100 artisans and producers will be selling their goods.

La Lutinerie promises mulled wine and churros to keep you warm and filled with holiday cheer.

Get the details on the downtown market below.

Grand Marché de Noël

La Lutinerie/Vincent Nedelec

Where: Quartier des Spectacles, Montreal, QC


November 20, 2021, to January 2, 2022:

Every day, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Closed December 25 and January 1

Why You Have To Go: To celebrate the return of the Christmas spirit to downtown Montreal, enjoy some holiday treats and shop for local goods.


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