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Plante Slammed Coderre For What She Called A 'Lack Of Transparency' About His Past Income

"Montrealers expect better from their candidates," she said.

Plante Slammed Coderre For What She Called A 'Lack Of Transparency' About His Past Income

Incumbent Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante turned up the heat on this election at a press conference on Tuesday after she slammed what she called Denis Coderre's lack of transparency.

Plante said she wants the Ensemble Montréal leader to do "what is reasonable and what makes sense" by opening his books to disclose his past work history and revenues.

When asked why it's important for the public to know about Coderre's past, Plante didn't hold back.

"It's about transparency," she explained. "It's common knowledge that all elected officials should be willing to open their books.

"To be honest, as well, it's not because you work for the private sector that you have to hide your numbers and your clients."

Coderre has reportedly said he would only release his work history if he gets elected mayor.

Following the former mayor's loss in the 2017 mayoral election, according to his LinkedIn page, he worked as a Strategic Development Councillor at the Stingray Music Group, an ambassador for the Montreal Jewish General Hospital, an administrator at Eurostar and a Special Councillor for Urban Mobility at the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile, the governing body of Formula 1.

Plante has already released her tax returns.

"It's just the same scenario as 2017 when Denis Coderre was hiding the number of tickets he sold for Formula E," Plante said Tuesday.

"And now it's all over again, the same thing — he wants to hide his revenues."

"I think that Montrealers, they don't appreciate that lack of transparency. They expect better from their candidates."

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