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Police Are Warning Of Scammers Advertising Fake Montreal Apartments For Rent

The SPVM says it has seen an "increase" in the number of scam events.
Police Warn Of Fake Montreal Apartments For Rent By Scammers

In a new set of advice published April 22, the SPVM warns apartment-hunting Montrealers of "fraudsters" who try to "scam [...] future tenants by posting ads for units that they do not own or that simply do not exist."

The SPVM says it has seen an "increase" in the number of scam events.

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Potential scam tactics highlighted by police involve requests for electronic money transfers before a tenant visits an apartment.

"No matter what the pretext is, an amount of money is always demanded," the SPVM states.

"On average, the fraudsters demand deposits of one or two months' rent from their victims, which can range from $500 to $1200, depending on the apartment."

The SPVM's advice to tenants to avoid fraud includes making sure an apartment's address is listed in an online ad, Google searching photos used in an ad, speaking to neighbours and visiting an apartment before signing a lease.

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