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Prepare Yourselves — It Could Snow In Montreal As Early As This Weekend

*Cries internally*

Prepare Yourselves — It Could Snow In Montreal As Early As This Weekend

To put it frankly, daylight saving during the fall is usually an indicator of our province's impending doom. The sun starts setting way too early, the cold weather makes us want to curl up into a ball on the couch, and in the back of our minds, we all know that snow is on its way.

And it may just be time to prepare ourselves for that last part because weather channels are predicting snow in Montreal in their upcoming 14-day forecasts.

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel shows snow hitting the 514 by Sunday, November 14, with rain and snow showers expected both on Sunday and Monday. And then the same thing, on Thursday, November 18, then more chances of snow the following Saturday.

But, since weather predictions aren't always right, we decided to see what another trusted source is saying about when Montreal's first snowfall could be.

The Weather Network is only showing the first predicted chance of snow in Montreal to hit as of Wednesday, November 17. Luckily, it says it would only be less than one centimetre of snow, but then more is expected to sprinkle over our city the following Friday and Saturday.

Buckle up, because whether we want to believe it or not, it sounds like a snowfall is around the corner.

It also may be a good time to consider booking an appointment to get your winter tires put on. Since we know Montreal weather is as unpredictable as the city's road detours... And, it's also mandatory for them to be on as of December 1.

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