Quebec May Raise Minimum Wage In 2021... But Only By 40 Cents

Critics argue it should go up to $15 per hour.
Quebec May Raise Minimum Wage In 2021... But Only By 40 Cents

During a National Assembly of Quebec sitting on December 4, Minister of Finance, Éric Girard, said he and Jean Boulet, the minister of labour, are studying the recommendation for an annual increase in the minimum wage

But he also clarified that it will not go up to $15 per hour in 2021, as some — including the Québec solidaire party — would like. Rather, it will most likely increase by about 40 cents. 

Quebec's minimum wage is currently $13.10 per hour, which was said to achieve a "50% ratio between the general minimum wage rate and the average hourly wage," according to the CAQ.

Girard said that since the average hourly wage in Quebec is going up by approximately 3 percent right now, Quebec's minimum wage would follow suit, which adds up to $13.50 an hour.   

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While Dollarama, Metro and Couche-Tard celebrate a year of record profits, the women and men who made it possible, they still make $13.10 an hour.

Alexandre Leduc, MNA for Hochelaga-Maisonneuve

"The issue of minimum wages is extremely important," Girard said in the sitting.

"But it has to be said, in the current economic conditions, the average hourly wage is going up by [just] over 3 percent. So it's in the same order of magnitude that we're looking at increasing the minimum wage." 

Alexandre Leduc, Quebec solidaire's elected official for Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, protested Girard's decision.

He raised the point that large Quebec businesses continue to rack up profits during the pandemic while frontline workers see little in return. 

"It is shameful. We owe [workers] much more than that," said Leduc.

"The minister of labour told me, 'Be patient, Alexandre, we'll get there one day, at $15 an hour.' Well, that was two years ago."

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