Quebec Released A Terrifying Ad To Warn You About Mixing Pandemic Blues With Alcohol

If you're between the ages of 17 and 24 and experiencing pandemic blues, the government of Quebec has a new ad targetting you. The ad "aims to raise awareness [...] about the risks of mixing the emotions felt in the context of the pandemic with alcohol consumption."

Launched on November 30, the brief clip shows a young man being thrown around a nightmarish, large metallic structure.

He is thrust back into his living room at the end of the video, revealing that the canister was the drink mixer on his coffee table.

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"You’re already shaken by the pandemic. Don’t add alcohol to the mix," the ad reads before it closes.

The ad is part of a larger media campaign following Addiction Prevention Week that's "aimed at warning youth of the risks and consequences of alcohol, cannabis and other substance use and gambling."

There's also a radio ad in which an announcer puts together a cocktail using the ingredients "solitude, a touch of melancholy and the pandemic," along with tequila.

A wiser voice then chimes in telling listeners, "don't mix alcohol with melancholy during a pandemic."

People between 17 and 24 can also take an online quiz to test their knowledge and gain knowledge on the effects of alcohol and drug consumption.