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Health Officials Released New COVID-19 Data That Breaks It Down By Age & Sex

Women are more affected than men — but it's close.
Health Officials Released New COVID-19 Data That Breaks It Down By Age & Sex

Quebec's Institut national de santé publique du Québec (INSPQ) has released new data breaking down the province's COVID-19 numbers by age and sex.

The data, last updated on October 23, differs slightly from the province's official data, mostly due to the fact that some cases are reported as having an unknown age or sex.

The data provides key insight into the realities of COVID-19 for different segments of the population.

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What are Quebec's latest COVID-19 figures?

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As of October 24, according to provincial data, there were 1,009 new cases of the virus for a total of 99,235 cases.

In the last 24 hours, Quebec added 26 new deaths to its death toll: five that occurred overnight, one that occurred at an unknown date, 17 that occurred between October 17 and October 22 and three that occurred before the 17.

The total number of Quebecers who have died from the virus has now reached 6,132.

Hospitalizations in the province also continue to rise. Nine new hospitalizations were reported on October 24, for a total of 549 COVID-19-related hospitalizations in the province.

Quebec's intensive care units decreased by six patients, for a total of 93 patients in Quebec ICUs.  

How does COVID-19 affect different sexes in Quebec?

[rebelmouse-image 26882609 photo_credit="Martine Oge | Dreamstime" expand=1 original_size="6000x4000"] Martine Oge | Dreamstime

According to INSPQ data, as of October 23, women make up more than half of COVID-19 cases in the province at 55.3%. Men make up 44.7% of cases.

That's 1,250 COVID-positive women per 100,000 Quebecers, and 1,057 men per 100,000 Quebecers.

Women aged 20 to 29 make up the largest proportion of cases in the province, at 8,776 cases, or approximately 8.8% of total Quebec cases.

The same is true for COVID-19 deaths in Quebec. Women make up the largest proportion with 54.7% of total deaths. However, most deaths occur in women over the age of 90.

How does COVID-19 affect different age groups in Quebec?

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Quebecers aged 20 to 29 still make up the largest proportion of total cases in the province, at 16.3%. This amounts to 16,190 cases, according to the INSPQ.

This is especially evident leading up to the second wave as well as throughout the period — between July and October — when those aged 20 to 29 made up 17-30.6% of monthly cases.

The week of September 27, the province saw 1,435 new cases in this age group alone.

This month has been the worst month of the pandemic for young people. The province reported that 3,937 people aged 20 to 29 were infected with COVID-19 in October. 

Children aged zero to nine years old make up the smallest proportion of cases in Quebec, at 4.2% of total cases. This amounts to just over 4,000 cases.

No deaths were logged for Quebecers under 40.

Those aged 80 to 89 make up the largest proportion of deaths in the province, at 40.2% of Quebec's total deaths.

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