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Rapid COVID-19 Tests At The Montreal Airport — How Much They Cost And Where To Get Tested

We all know how the story goes: you rushed to pack three hours before your flight, you misplaced your passport five minutes before your taxi arrives, you went to the wrong gate, you realized you left your phone in the bathroom as you're boarding the flight... Don't worry, it's happened to the best of us.

Luckily, if you waited until the last minute to get tested — or just forgot to entirely — you can get a rapid COVID-19 test at the Montreal airport, but it'll cost you a pretty penny.

In order to ensure that you can get a COVID-19 test before your flight, you need to reserve your spot by booking an appointment on Biron's website, which it's recommended you do at least four hours before you board.

Next, the YUL website advises you to go through the following checklist:

  • Validate the travel requirements and restrictions in effect in the destination country;
  • Make sure the test and the type of sampling are approved by the destination country as well as any other country where they have a layover;
  • Make sure to choose a result period suitable for the requirements of the destination country (generally between 24 to 72 hours).

When booking your appointment, you'll need to select whether you want a Rapid RT-PCR or a Rapid antigenic test.

Rapid RT-PCR tests cost $299 at the Montreal airport and you'll get your results in approximately an hour.

Rapid antigenic are cheaper and faster — they cost $149 and results should be available in about 25 minutes. If you're travelling to the U.S., this is the test required to enter.

Once at the airport, you simply need to locate the testing area. "The tests are carried out in the Biron screening clinic, which is located on the mezzanine level of the departures to the United States, before pre-boarding screening, near door 11. To access the testing area, travellers must follow the signs at the terminal entrances." Then you get your test and you should be able to be on your way (so long as your result comes back negative).

Biron also offers screening tests with results in 24 or 48 hours. A PCR test with a result in 24 hours is $199 and in 48 hours is $149, and an antigenic test with a result in 24 hours costs $99.

So if you're hoping to save a little cash, you may want to plan for your COVID-19 test ahead of time.

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