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Recalls Have Been Issued For Salmon Sold At Various Montreal Locations

Check your freezer!

Recalls Have Been Issued For Salmon Sold At Various Montreal Locations

For all the Montrealers who recently picked up some frozen salmon to make for dinner, you may want to check your freezer.

During the past week, Quebec's ministère de l'Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l'Alimentation (MAPAQ) has issued various salmon recalls in Montreal.

The most recent recall was for “hot smoked salmon” products from Charcuterie MD Inc. at 4882 boul. des Sources, a business in Dollard-Des-Ormeaux, sold until February 2. According to MAPAQ, the recalled products didn't have a best before date, which is necessary in order to be sold.

Previously, the ministry released another recall for more smoked salmon products on January 27. This time, from the Montreal bakery Bagel Beaubien at 828 rue Beaubien.

The recalled products listed below were sold until January 27:

  • Dom Norvegian Fjord brand of smoked steelhead salmon (550g)
  • Fumoir Grizzly brand of smoked and sliced salmon (70g)
  • Nanuk brand of Pacific smoked salmon (500g)
MAPAQ said the items were sold thawed, but should have been sold frozen. People who have bought these products are advised not to consume them and to either return them to the store as soon as possible or throw them out entirely.
"Even if there are no signs of spoilage or suspect odours, consuming these products may pose a health risk," the ministry wrote.
The third salmon recall in Montreal during the past week was for products labelled "Atelier Gourmand 3 Patapoufs".
MAPAQ, the Food Inspection Division of the City of Montreal and 3 Patapoufs, located at 3227 rue Ontario E. in Montreal all warned the public not to eat the following products: anything labelled "SAUMON FUMÉ" or "SAUMON GRAVLAX AUX AGRUMES" from 3 Patapoufs that were sold until January 27, 2022.
"The products were packaged in black trays covered with a clear plastic bag and were offered in a refrigerated state."
The reason behind the recall of these products is that "they have not been packaged in a way that ensures [your] safety."
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