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Rita Baga Dishes On 'Canada's Drag Race,' Hot Dogs & What It's Like To Represent Montreal

"It makes you realize if you're actually good or not."
Rita Baga Dishes On 'Canada's Drag Race,' Hot Dogs & What It's Like To Represent Montreal

As one of the drag queens representing Montreal on Canada's Drag Race, Rita Baga is so far doing an amazing job. Winning two out of four runway challenges, Baga has emerged as the clear front runner. MTL Blog sat down with Baga after her huge second win to discuss everything from her origins to her love of all-dressed hot dogs and the truth behind why everyone is wearing parkas on Canada's Drag Race

For Baga, becoming one of Montreal's most famous and well-respected drag queens wasn't always part of her plans.

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"I started doing drag 13 years ago but it wasn't something that was interesting to me at first. I had very bad conceptions about what drag is," explained Baga.

"I did a little surprise number for a friend's birthday and I just fell in love and I realized that it was a combination of all the different art forms that I adore."

"It was a bumpy ride. I fucked up, unpredictable things happened and I'd always say I would stop doing drag the minute I no longer have fun doing it," she said.

It turns out that Baga never fell out of love with drag and continued to dominate Montreal's drag scene for the next decade.

From sold-out shows at Cabaret Mado to performing in front of thousands of people at Pride events, Baga has established herself as one of the top drag queens in Canada. 

"I always try to push myself harder and just be ambitious. I was like, 'okay what do I do now?' And then, I was cast in Drag Race."

"I was like, 'okay, it seems like I'll go on and on with this drag business.'"

"I've said that my motto in life is really 'less talking, more working.' So far it seems that my motto is succeeding. So I'm just crossing my fingers that it's going to continue like this."

Questions and responses have been edited for clarity.

On social media, a lot of Quebecers are sharing how proud they are to see you representing them. How does it feel to represent Montreal on the show?

It was a lot of pressure during the show, but now I feel so blessed and humbled. Just looking at the comments, I get so much love from people all around the world. They're sending so many supportive messages and it's amazing. It's just lifting me up even higher to do the best in my life, so it's amazing.

What was the biggest difference between performing in front of thousands of people at pride events and at clubs versus having to perform on camera?  

I think that the most challenging part is just to be in a good place mentally and just take the time to analyze without over-thinking everything.

I was very exhausted when we came back, I was like, "okay I no longer have the energy to do anything, I just want to eat hot dogs and do nothing." 

All dressed hot dogs, right?

Yeah, 100%.

What has been your favourite challenge on the show so far?

I really loved the French twist, it was such a good addition in the show. Having to read the teleprompter in both languages was very fun and then hearing everyone try to speak French was so funny. 

Are there any behind the scenes moments that you wish viewers could see?

All I can say is that since the last episode, it's very obvious that the set was freezing! I don't deal well with cold and you can see in almost every behind the scenes shot that I'm wearing boots and blankets.

If you watch the other seasons they're all sweating — us, we're covered from head to toe. I find it so Canadian. I don't think we have ever seen anyone sweat on the show this season! 

Is there anything you're really excited about in future episodes?

There's Snatch Game next episode, so I'm very excited to see that.

This week, the mini-challenge and the runway themes are not announced yet, but I can tell you it's going to be very exciting. It's probably a combo of all of the most exciting and wanted things that people like to watch on the show.

What's next for you after the show? Are you going to stay in Montreal or will there be a Drag Race du Québec where we could see you on the judges' panel?

I did receive offers for some opportunities, but I'm just taking my time and I want to make sure that I'm making a smart move. I don't want to move to another city — Montreal is my town and it's really one of the best places in the world.

I think that the future is looking bright for me, but I've just got to wait to make those choices.

Canada's Drag Race airs on Crave every Thursday at 9 p.m. EST.

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