This Exotic Depanneur Chain In Montreal Sells Drinks & Munchies From All Over The World

A lot of people disregard the importance of snacks in our daily lives. Snacking is a big part of our day; some would even consider it the most important meal of the day. From savoury goodness to sweet treats and even sweeter drinks, snacking is what gets us through our days — and SnackTown: Exotic Sodas & Munchies has every snack one has ever dreamed of.

SnackTown is a depanneur chain filled with the most exotic and tasty snacks your eyes will ever feast upon.

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With three locations in Montreal and one on the South Shore in Longueuil, this snack corporation is a stoner's dream.

It's part of the larger SnackTown Canada chain, which is said to have the "biggest choice of exotic snacks and drinks in Canada."

Throughout my travels, I have discovered a ton of amazing snacks that I wish were sold in Montreal.

And now, with this revelation, my prayers have been answered.

SnackTown Longueuil told MTL Blog that the company always "tries to add new products every week."

They also let us know that there are products from Japan, Mexico, China, Russia, and more.

So, if there's any foreign snack you happen to be craving, your best shot of finding them in the city is at one of SnackTown's locations.

[rebelmouse-image 26883584 photo_credit="Courtesy of Snacktown Longueuil" expand=1 original_size="480x640"] Courtesy of Snacktown Longueuil

From watermelon soda and Japanese cola to grape Mountain Dew and shrimp Cheetos, this little snack haven is bound to have your mouth watering from the moment you enter it.

They even have Sour Patch Kids and Jolly Rancher cereal, which I'm personally dying to try! 

[rebelmouse-image 26883585 photo_credit="Courtesy of Snacktown Longueuil" expand=1 original_size="946x1264"] Courtesy of Snacktown Longueuil

SnackTown tries to "buy products that are as interesting as possible," which has led to them having "collection of pokemon drinks available or even Kinder hippos."

And, if you're too lazy to physically go to the store, you'll be happy to know that these snacks are available on UberEats for you to munch on from the comfort of your couch.

[rebelmouse-image 26883586 photo_credit="Courtesy of Snacktown Longueuil" expand=1 original_size="480x640"] Courtesy of Snacktown Longueuil

Snacking has always been one of the most exciting parts of my day.

With these unique treats, you'll be able to travel the globe, one snack at a time.

SnackTown: Exotic Snacks & Munchies

Four locations:

- 1513, rue Cartier, Longueuil, QC

- 3975, rue Rue Sainte-Catherine E., Montreal, QC

- 6084, rue Laurendeau, Ville-Émard, QC

- 9300, rue Lajeunesse, Ahunstic, QC


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