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How To Tell If A Montrealer Is A Gen Z Or Millennial Based On Where You Spot Them

Which generation does Montreal better?
How To Tell If A Montrealer Is A Gen Z Or Millennial Based On Where You Spot Them

The world is filled with questions, but the one on everyone's mind right now is which generation has better taste: Gen Z's or millennials

Zoomers have definitely been making their voices heard by letting their older cohorts, mainly millennials, know what's cool and what isn't.

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And when it comes to a cool city like Montreal, you bet the two have very different opinions.

And yes, we know everyone has their own definition of how old these generations are, so we're calling millennials anyone from 24-35 years old and Gen Z as anyone from 18-23 years old.

In case you missed the memo, apparently wearing skinny jeans, wearing a side part and using the laugh-cry emoji officially makes you old.

If you want to be cool (or as the kids say, "chill"), it's all about the mom jeans, a middle part and the skull emoji.

Favourite Place In Montreal To Visit On A Saturday

Millennials: Old Montreal

Because millennials are apparently so old, it makes sense that they want to hang out in Montreal's oldest neighbourhood. It's got all of their favourite things, like wine bars, cafes and places to sit and hangout.

Gen Z: Lachine Canal

Gen Z is connected in a way like never before and nothing says meeting up with friends on a Saturday quite like chilling at Lachine Canal. It's in the perfect location near Atwater Market, Downtown and even Old Montreal to meet up with their Millennial ancestors for all types of adventures.

Favourite Photo Spot

Millennials: Mount Royal

When millennials need a much-needed break from "adulting," they head to the classic spot in Montreal for some fresh air and some exercise. The park is big enough to spread out and satisfy the wide-spread needs of this particular group. Don't forget: Selfies are OUT.

Gen Z: Their Favourite Café

Considering the shift in the love for local businesses, posting a pic from your favourite café isn't just good for the 'gram, but also helps out our fave spots. Plus, being in the know among your friends is pretty awesome, too.

Favourite Drink From A Local Bar

Millennials: Wine From Terrasse William Gray

In their favourite neighbourhood to hang is one of Montreal's most iconic terrasses to sip the day and night away. Oh, and apparently if you're obsessed with wine that means you're a millennial, too.


Gen Z: Cocktails From Atwater Cocktail Club

Always down for a pretty cocktail, Gen Z finds just about any excuse to get dressed up and celebrate life. And the cooler the vibes, the better... so look no further than Atwater Cocktail Club.


First Place They're Dining When Lockdown Is Over

Millennials: Arthurs Nosh Bar

Millennials love a good brunch (although to be fair, who doesn't?) and those in Montreal love Arthur's in particular. It's super cozy and totally relaxed, not to mention unbelievably delicious.



Gen Z is definitely all about getting back to nature, so it's no surprise that this spot on Saint Laurent that's decked out in greenery has become the place to be... If not now, then obviously when we get the go-ahead.


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