If you're walking by La Cage on rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest and you see a giant 20-foot red light in front of Complexe Desjardins, allow us to explain WTF that is and why it's there. 

It's actually a fully functional Goal Light that Budweiser has loaned to the winning city of the NHL North Division. As Budweiser put it, "crowning the Canadian champs" as "Kings of the North." Thanks to the Habs, that's us! 

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The light is going to ring for every goal the Montreal Canadiens score throughout the semi-finals... so hopefully it will be ringing often. 

Budweiser calls the light "an iconic beacon of celebration to carry their team into the next round." 

Everyone in Montreal of legal drinking age will also be able to register online for a $5 pre-paid gift card (for a limited time, while supplies last) courtesy of Budweiser Canada. 

Details on how to claim your free beer to come.