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The Montreal Airport Has This Advice For Travellers Planning A Trip This Spring Season

Flying out anytime soon? Here's what you should know! ✈️

Travellers walking through the YUL Montreal Airport, Right: The exterior sign of the Montreal International Airport.

Travellers walking through the YUL Montreal Airport, Right: The exterior sign of the Montreal International Airport.

Now that the border measures have changed in Canada, you can navigate the Montreal airport with a bit more ease — especially if you're planning on flying out during the Easter holiday season.

Considering things are about to get busy at Montreal's YUL, it's important to know these few things before catching your flight.

As of April 1, 2022, a negative pre-entry COVID-19 test is no longer required to enter Canada for all fully vaccinated travellers.

However, it's important to know that travellers may still be required to undergo a COVID-19 test upon arrival if randomly selected. This measure remains in place to keep track of any potential variants that may be arriving in Canada.

While this doesn't necessarily have an impact on your departing flight, it's certainly worth noting for your arrival, as this might add some time to your journey back home.

Speaking of departing flights, it's best to arrive in advance to ensure as smooth a travel day as possible.

MTLBlog spoke with YUL's corporate communications advisor, Eric Forest on how best to plan your trip to the Montreal Airport.

"With the easing of border regulations that took effect on April 1st, we do expect an influx of travellers in the coming months at YUL, including during the holidays," Forest said.

"We do recommend travellers arrive three hours before their scheduled flight, whether domestic, U.S. or international, especially during peak hours."

When asked if the Montreal airport could possibly see the same amount of traffic as March break during the Easter holiday season, Forest said that the airport is certainly anticipating similar numbers.

"Although March data is not yet available, we are anticipating similar traffic for the Easter holiday season," Forest told MTLBlog.

In addition to the current measures in place, the Montreal airport is also undergoing a bit of a change as YUL builds a brand new multi-level parking and REM station.

With a number of projects in the works at YUL, travellers shouldn't have too much to worry about it when it comes to making it for their flight in time.

"This [airport construction] currently should not have an impact on traffic on the curbside, but all measures are nonetheless being taken to maintain smooth operations and avoid any inconvenience to passengers," Forest said.

While things can get busy at the arrivals-level pickup zone, the Montreal airport stated that greeters should ensure the person they are picking up has arrived before heading to the airport.

"If not, they can use the free CellParc parking lot for free for up to 2 hours," Forest said.

For those planning on travelling during the next few weeks, you can check out more info on navigating the Montreal airport on the YUL website.

Bon voyage!

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