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The STM Is Hiring To Fill Student Jobs That Pay $27.80/Hour

Got some experience in customer service?

STM metro sign outside Square-Victoria-OACI station in downtown Montreal.

STM metro sign outside Square-Victoria-OACI station in downtown Montreal.

The STM is in the process of filling its student jobs for the summer of 2022. One advertisement for customer service positions promises a $27.80-per-hour wage and a 35-hour workweek between May and September.

The student customer service agent would work in the centre d’expérience client intégré (Integrated Customer Experience Centre) fielding comments and questions from STM riders.

According to an online job posting, the agent is responsible for drafting responses or determining a course of action to address customer concerns. They'll have to manage submissions, coordinate follow-ups and, in the event of a backlog, "report difficulties" and adjust deadlines, among other tasks.

The STM is also looking for students to "propose modifications" to improve the complaint and comment handling system.

To be eligible for the job, a student must be enrolled full-time in a recognized post-secondary institution for the winter 2022 term and "have completed two years of college studies in the humanities or a related field," in addition to six months of experience in customer service and complaint management.

They also need to be at least 16 years old and speak French and English.

Remote work is a possibility for this post, the STM says.

Prospective applicants have until March 28 to submit their applications through the STM jobs portal. Information about the position, including the full list of duties, is available online.

Get the essential details below.

STM student customer service agent

Pay: $27.80/hour

Duration: 35 hours per week between May 30 and September 2, 2022

Who Should Apply: Students enrolled in the winter 2022 term looking to gain some experience in customer service or a transit company.

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