These 13 Part-Time Jobs In Montreal Pay At Least $20 An Hour

Most of them require French, so prepare yourself emotionally for that.

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Construction is underway in Montreal's downtown area.

Construction is underway in Montreal's downtown area.

Part-time jobs are perfect for students and those who want more flexibility when it comes to scheduling. Thankfully, Montreal has no shortage of available part-time jobs that pay above minimum wage, some of which are even work-from-home or hybrid positions.

Take a look through these 13 varied roles and perhaps you'll find your future career, or just a great story about one spring when you took the worst job of your life. Either way, tell them I sent you and maybe you'll get a raise.

Social services worker

Salary: $25.63 hourly

Company: Hébergement Maison de la Paix

Who Should Apply: Anyone with a DEC or AEC in special education, a passion for working on parenting skills with young mothers and working with kids younger than five should apply for this job, which also requires good French.

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Administrative assistant

Salary: $24.50 to $34 hourly


Who Should Apply: For this role, you'll need to be fluent in French with three to five years of relevant experience and a strong understanding of Mac and Microsoft suites.

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Line cook

Salary: $20 to $25 hourly

Company: MVP Restaurant & Bar Sportif

Who Should Apply: Anyone with a high school diploma and decent bilingualism can apply to this role, which requires at least seven months of relevant experience but no more than one year.

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Social services worker

Salary: $23 hourly

Company: Foyer de Jeunes Travailleurs et Travailleuses de Montréal

Who Should Apply: People with social work experience, excellent French and good English should apply to this position, which involves intervening with a population of 18- to 30-year-olds at risk of homelessness, ensuring individual follow-up and leading group activities.

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Registered nursing assistant

Salary: $24.33 hourly

Company: La Maison du Père

Who Should Apply: For this primarily francophone job, you'll need a DEP in health and nursing or an equivalent from the MICC. You'll also need to be in good standing with the OIIAQ and be certified in CPR, first aid, bill 90 and PDSB. If you're not sure what these acronyms mean, this is not the role for you, bestie.

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Driving school instructor

Salary: $25 hourly

Company: 9232-0514 QUEBEC INC.

Who Should Apply: This role requires driving instructor credentials and fluent bilingualism. On the bright side, you can do remote work as well as on-site work.

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Registered practical nurse

Salary: $22.49 hourly

Company: Résidence Marie-Victorin

Who Should Apply: Applicants for this position need good organizational skills, excellent French, strong interpersonal abilities and a team spirit.

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Dental assistant

Salary: $500 to $600 weekly, 12 to 15 hours per week (between $33.33 and $50 hourly)

Company: Centre Belles Dents, Inc.

Who Should Apply: Bilingual students who are currently enrolled in either CEGEP or a university program should apply to this role, which requires some experience either studying or working in dentistry or a related field.

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Music teacher

Salary: $21 hourly

Company: Centre d'études musicales Pantonal

Who Should Apply: Fluently bilingual people with a DEC in music and song and/or a Bachelor's degree in music should apply for this role, which involves leading a group and instructing them in piano and guitar.

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Organization and productivity project officer

Salary: $23.71 hourly

Company: Ministère de la Justice

Who Should Apply: Currently enrolled undergraduate students in architecture, urban planning or a related field would be qualified for this role, which involves acting as project manager for a department of the Montreal courthouse.

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Bookkeeping clerk

Salary: $300 to $400 weekly at 15 to 20 hours (between $15 and $26.67 hourly)

Company: Centre Belles Dents, Inc.

Who Should Apply: This job just requires French or English fluency and full-time student status, either at a CEGEP or a university.

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Salary: $40 hourly

Company: Cabinet de psychologie et neuropsychologie de Montréal

Who Should Apply: Anyone who is a practicing psychologist in Quebec or is graduating from their doctoral program can apply for this French-speaking job, which requires having completed at least two doctoral internships in psychology.

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Early childhood educator 

Salary: $20 to $30.48 hourly

Company: SREPE INC. - Remplacement en CPE

Who Should Apply: This role (for which 25 positions are available) involves teaching young children, and only requires minimal experience and good spoken French.

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