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These 7 Montreal Jobs Are Hiring Now & All Pay Over $100,000

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Downtown Montreal skyline. Right: Someone works from an office.

Downtown Montreal skyline. Right: Someone works from an office.

So, you want to be able to afford a house in Montreal, but your current salary just ain't cutting it. You could wait for Quebec's historic salary increases to arrive, but if you want a fast-track — and you have valuable qualifications — your path to homeownership could be right in this article.

Among the high-paying jobs up for grabs in Montreal right now is one with the Canadian Space Agency. Let's see if you've got what it takes!

Application Architect

Salary: $130,000 to $170,000

Company: Intellipro Group

Who Should Apply: This is a hybrid role with a huge plus — no French is required! Intellipro Group is looking for someone with eight or more years of experience leading a development team and designing and building "modern, robust, scalable applications."

You should have experience with concepts like TDD, SOLID, and DRY principles. Those make literally no sense to me, a humble blog writer, but if they light a fire in your soul then send in that resume ASAP.

Finally, you'll need a bachelor's in Computer Science or an equivalent and should be comfortable working with C#, .Net and Azure.

Apply here

Senior Java Distributed Development Lead

Salary: $140,000 to $165,000

Company: Health Source Group

Who Should Apply: People living in Montreal with at least seven years of experience leading teams of developers, designing and writing code. You should have a background in leading small teams with three to five members, as well as being familiar with enterprise-level technical architecture and design.

In this role, you'd be in charge of maintaining technical standards for both global and local teams while also participating directly in DevOps, which makes things run faster and smoother for Health Source Group

Apply here

Respiratory Therapist

Salary: $55 per hour, eight hours per day

Company: Serenis

Who Should Apply: Confident French speakers with qualifications (AEC or DEC) in respiratory therapy from an accredited school should consider this job, which also requires that candidates be members of the Ordre des inhalothérapeutes du Québec (OPIQ).

English proficiency is a bonus, and applicants should be well-versed in respiratory therapeutic practices. A Bachelor's Degree in Health with a focus on respiratory health is an acceptable qualification too, assuming you're part of the OPIQ.

Apply here

Engineer, Safety and Mission Assurance

Salary: $104,135 to $121,451

Company: Canadian Space Agency — Programs and Integrated Planning

Who Should Apply: English is an essential language skill for this fancy space-related job, which also hopes that you're at least a little bilingual. You'll need to have a degree in the realm of physics, engineering and aeronautics or be eligible for an engineering certification relevant to the job's requirements.

You'll also need at least four years of experience in quality and/or product assurance related to space, aerospace or military projects, as well as two years of experience performing technical tests and verifying equipment. Finally, you should also have two years of experience working on review and/or control boards.

Basically, you should have a lot of experience working with complicated air and space technology, and be qualified to judge projects on technical aspects.

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Principal Software Developer

Salary: $120,000 to $130,000

Company: Intrado

Who Should Apply: Another high-paying computer job, what a surprise! If you don't have a Bachelor's AND a Master's in Comp Sci or equivalent, this might not be your moment. You'll also need seven years of programming experience, five years of experience writing detailed program designs, and of course, strong presentation skills.

Your days would consist of writing, checking and fixing code for a variety of projects while keeping an eye on industry trends and how to incorporate them into your work.

Apply here

Human Resources Manager

Salary: $100,000 to $120,000

Company: White Ash Group

Who Should Apply: This full-time human resources job requires you to be fully bilingual with a minimum of five years working in the field. If you're familiar with employment law or other types of regulations, that's a big plus. A well-rounded understanding of many types of human resource work will likely make you a top candidate.

White Ash Group is also looking for someone with experience growing a start-up, so an entrepreneurial spirit is a great asset. In this role, you would be designing and implementing HR solutions — much of the work will be self-driven based on your experience. If that sounds like a fun challenge, you're in the right place.

Apply here

Sales Executive, Mining and Minerals

Salary: $100,000 to $200,000 (plus commission!)

Company: Envirosuite

Who Should Apply: This role comes with hefty commission potential, and the requirements are nothing to sneeze at. Applicants should have proven experience in sales specifically related to the mining industry in North America. In this role, you would work with sales teams to promote Envirosuite software and bring in new clients.

You'd face challenging revenue targets that are sure to reward an ambitious worker, especially if you're good at making an engaging presentation. A primary goal for Envirosuite in this role is to bring in "new logos" for the company. Writing this article has taught me that "new logos" is sales slang for bringing in new clients. Hopefully, you learned something too — like where your career will take you next.

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    Willa Holt
    Staff Writer
    Willa Holt is a Staff Writer for MTL Blog focused on apartments for rent and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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