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10 Quebec Jobs That Pay $40,000+ & Don't Require A University Degree

Limited experience is required for most roles!

Downtown Montreal skyline.

Downtown Montreal skyline.

The job market is tough these days, even for those of us overqualified with university degrees which, as it turns out, you don't even need for some well-paying Quebec jobs. These ten positions open right now only require CEGEP degrees or high school diplomas, along with some relevant experience. Many of them require French as well as English, and some even feature on-the-job training paid for by the employer.

Scroll through and get a sense of the job search across Quebec, and maybe even toss your hat in the ring if the position seems right up your alley. You can't go wrong by trying!

Workplace Trainer

Salary: $29.08 hourly, 40 hours per week

Company: Air Canada

Where: Dorval, QC

Who Should Apply: This English-language position only requires a high school diploma, with experience a plus but not a requirement. Daily tasks include presenting reports and lectures, training staff, and supervising a team of five to ten people. A Class 5/5F/G Licence is a strong asset for this role, and experience with Microsoft Suite won't hurt either.

You'll need to undergo a criminal background check as well as a medical exam to apply for this position, which suits those with good client-facing skills and interpersonal abilities.

Apply here

Social Media Manager

Salary: $40,000 to $45,000

Company: Services de Gestion PGA Inc.

Where: 1200, av McGill College, Montréal, QC

Who Should Apply: Anyone with one to two years of social media management experience is a good fit for this job, which only requires a non-university diploma of one to two years, including CEGEP certificates. Applicants should be bilingual, and youth are encouraged to apply.

Gestion PGA has also opened this position to those without Canadian work permits. This position is permanent and full-time and offers the possibility of remote work, and benefits include dental and vision care as well as mileage paid for the commute.

Apply here

Corporate Secretary

Salary: $45,000 to $55,000

Company: Gallant & Associés inc.

Where: Brossard, QC -- location varies

Who Should Apply: This position is open to those with CEGEP degrees with limited experience. The job entails working in a client's home, providing administrative support and relying on tools like Microsoft Suite.

Applicants would be preparing invoices, reports, and memos, conducting research, and performing general bookkeeping for the accounting company. The language of work is French, and applicants should be comfortable communicating in French, both orally and through writing, in the context of accounting.

Apply here

Assistant Store Manager

Salary: $45,000

Company: Vente Au Détail Bestseller Canada Inc.

Where: 225-A, de Liege O, Montréal, QC

Who Should Apply: Comfortable French speakers with at least a high school diploma are good candidates for this position, assistant managing a store for a clothing retailer. Only seven months of experience (to one year) are expected for this role, which involves supervising a team of five to 10 people.

Apply here

Interior Design Project Manager

Salary: $40,000 to $65,000

Company: ESPÉ

Where: Montreal, QC

Who Should Apply: College graduates with three to five years of experience with home renovations, architecture, and/or interior design would be a good fit for this full-time role, which offers the possibility of remote work. This position is bilingual. Familiarity with AutoCad and SketchUp are strong assets, as is experience using Revit.

Apply here

Graphic Designer

Salary: $28 hourly, 37.5 hours per week

Company: CARDSTON Inc.

Where: Pointe-Claire, QC

Who Should Apply: Bilingual graphic design enthusiasts with at least one non-university degree are encouraged to apply for this position, which offers training on the job paid by the employer, a card manufacturer whose products include game cards, trading cards, gift cards — essentially any kind of card you can imagine. The position offers health care coverage and free parking.

Apply here

Nurse Technician

Salary: $27.08 hourly, 30 to 37.5 hours per week

Company: CISSS des Laurentides

Where: 249, boulevard Sainte-Adèle, Sainte-Adèle, QC

Who Should Apply: Workers with permits from l’Ordre des Infirmières et Infirmiers du Québec (OIIQ) are qualified to apply for this position, which involves teaching and supervising students as well as performing the usual job of a nurse technician. Keep in mind this opportunity is in French, so English-only nurses might want to look elsewhere.

Apply here

Dental Hygienist

Salary: $30.00 to $40.00 hourly, 30 to 35 hours per week

Company: Clinique Dentaire et d'implantologie de Magog Inc.

Where: 22, rue Laurier, Magog, QC

Who Should Apply: French speakers with any amount of experience are invited to apply to this position, which does require membership with the Ordre des hygiénistes dentaires du Québec.

In this role, you'd be expected to conduct dental assessments, work with dentists to determine patient care, and give patients information about dental care. You'll also have to clean some teeth, of course. Benefits include — and this may be shocking — dental.

Apply here

Machinery Salesperson

Salary: $20 to $25 hourly, 40 hours per week

Company: Industries SOCACE Ltée

Where: Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, QC

Who Should Apply: Anyone with a high school diploma and a love of the open road would be a good fit for this position, which requires bilingualism and three to five years of experience. The role involves travelling to promote and solicit sales, assessing client needs and providing the best possible recommendations for a useful good or service. It's a job full of conversation and negotiation, with a little technical savvy necessary, too.

Apply here

Outside Sales Representative

Salary: $55,000 to $60,000 annually for 37.5 hours per week

Company: Corium Inc.

Where: Laval, QC

Who Should Apply: This job requires bilingualism and limited experience in sales. The position involves soliciting and engaging with clients, as well as providing post-sale support to them. Proficiency in Microsoft Suite is a big plus, as is experience selling software. Corium is looking for organized, reliable team players, and offers commission.

Apply here

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