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This Middle Eastern Restaurant In Montreal Makes Shawarma Tacos The Size Of Your Head

The fusion dish of our dreams. 🌮

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This Middle Eastern Restaurant In Montreal Makes Shawarma Tacos The Size Of Your Head

Fusion dishes have been taking over the foodie scene in Montreal lately and I think I can speak for the majority of us when I say we're here for it.

On this week's MTL Blog fusion discovery, we found the perfect blend of Middle Eastern and Mexican cuisine.

Shawarmaz, a Middle Eastern restaurant In Montreal, makes XXL hybrid tacos almost as big as your head that are filled with shawarma beef — you're going to need two hands to even hold one.

This restaurant is known around town for its massive portions and the proof is in the pudding (aka the shawarma taco).

Whenever you're craving a decadent dish, you can head to Shawarmaz, which also has a location in Laval, and ask for the "Tacoz."

This iconic dish is made of beef shawarma, pomegranate molasses and a sesame cream sauce, served in a tannour bread. It's also topped with fried avocado chunks, melted cheese and served with French fries and Mexican salsa on the side. All this tasty goodness for $13.99.

This spot also offers vegan options like the four pieces of falafel with sesame cream sauce or the tabbouleh made with parsley, chopped mint and tomatoes. There are all kinds of unique menu options so no matter what your dietary restrictions are you can find something delicious to munch on.

For those who like to keep things a little more classic, there's the chicken shawarma, poutine or even a Lebanese sushi platter that'll have you licking your fingers all the way home.

There's no doubt your stomach will leave Shawarmaz feeling full and satisfied.


Address: 1206, rue Peel, Montreal, QC & 2159, boul. du Curé-Labelle, Laval, QC

Why You Need To Go: To try tacos filled with shawarma beef that are basically the size of your head.


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