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This Montreal Italian Takeout Spot Makes Authentic Sandwiches That Taste Just Like Nonna's

Mamma mia they’re gorgeous!

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This Verdun Restaurant Will Have You Running For A Taste Of Their Authentic Italian Sandwiches

Who needs a trip to Italy when you've got a taste of it in Montreal's very own Verdun? In the age of COVID-19, with dining rooms currently closed, we've got you covered on a must-try spot that is bound to fulfill all of your takeaway needs. BOSSA is an Italian restaurant and grocery store that prides itself on being family-run, and their signature sandwiches certainly set them apart.

Located on rue Wellington, BOSSA offers over 20 varieties of hot and cold sandwiches. From their sausage and peppers mix ($11.95) and prosciutto mortadella ($12.95) to their roasted chicken sandwich fixed with pesto, dried tomatoes, and a balsamic reduction ($12.95), you'll be salivating just thinking about it — we certainly are!

BOSSA owner, Daniel Lo Manto had been working in the restaurant business for over six years and figured it was time the neighbourhood got a much-needed "Italian centred" lunch spot. In addition to the restaurant's fully packed sandwiches, their menu also includes an array of authentic Italian pasta dishes and pastries made with fresh ingredients — items the BOSSA owner said stem from the recipes and techniques of his grandparents.

"There's a lot of heritage in this place, and a lot of love!" Lo Manto told MTL Blog.

When asked about the recipe he's most proud of, Daniel boasted about the porchetta sandwich ($11.95). However, in terms of popularity, it comes in second to their must-try chicken parm ($12.95), made with basil oil, mozzarella, chicken cutlet, parmesan and hot peppers.

Daniel works alongside quite the team, including his mother. Although he is "the boss," his mom is the "boss-a," hence the inspiration behind the restaurant's clever name.

Lo Manto shared that the BOSSA brand will be expanding come February with a second, bigger location on rue Masson in Rosemont.

BOSSA Authentic Italian Eatery

Cuisine: Italian

Address: 4354, rue Wellington, Verdun, Montreal, QC

Price: 💸

Why You Need To Go: With a vast selection of authentic sandwiches, and an array of signature Italian dishes, you'll be giving your taste buds the trip to Italy they deserve!

BOSSA Website

    Mike Chaar
    Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
    Mike Chaar is an Assistant Editor for MTL Blog focused on recalls in Canada and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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