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This Montreal Depanneur Has A Selection Of Quebec Beer So Vast Your Brain Might Explode

Plus all kinds of yum treats from popular Montreal restaurants!

Bottles of cider from Montreal Depanneur. Right: Montreal depanneur Beau Dégât.

Bottles of cider from Montreal Depanneur. Right: Montreal depanneur Beau Dégât.

Next time you're planning a picnic along the Lachine Canal, consider taking a little stop by Beau Dégât — one of the local depanneurs in the area.

But hold on now. This isn't your average dep. Oh, no-no. This bièrerie has over 700 sorts of local Quebec beers to try, making it a haven for all the beer lovers in the city.

Located in Pointe-Saint-Charles near the Lachine Canal, Beau Dégât has more than just beer to offer.

There are all sorts of ciders and wines and if you don't feel like sipping on any alcohol, there is a variety of tasty cold brews, juices and kombucha.

No matter what you feel like hydrating yourself with that day, this Montreal depanneur has certainly got you covered.

Beau Dégât has come to be a one-stop-shop, carrying all kinds of goodies from well-known Montreal restaurants including pasta sauces from Bossa, frozen Jamaican patties from Lloydies, frozen pizzas from Magpie, coffee from Melk and Café Pista, Chuck Hughes hot sauce, juices from Dose, Le Trou bagels, and C'est Bon Bon sweets.

Plus, everything in the store is divided by category, making it hella easy to find whatever you may be looking for. And if ever you need additional help in your search, the dep employees will be happy to help you out.

So, if you're looking for a spot that carries everything you'd need for your next outdoor summer day in Montreal, you know where to go.

Beau Dégât

Address: 1239, rue Charlevoix, Montreal, QC

Why You Should Go: To snag some local beers, wines or ciders for your picnic along the canal.


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