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This New Montreal Restaurant Serves Romanian Street Food — Including A Sausage Lollipop​

Have you ever tried Romanian "Mici?" Now's your chance to.

This New Montreal Restaurant Serves Romanian Street Food — Including A Sausage Lollipop​

Looking for new Montreal restaurants to try right now? Consider checking out this spot that serves Romanian street food in the city.

It's basically a culinary trip when you open the doors of Mici D'ici!

This new Romanian spot just opened back in August 2021. The restaurant's name "Mici" comes from the name of a Romanian sausage made with "minced meat, delicately spiced, cooked to perfection on the grill."

MTL Blog asked the owners to tell us a little bit about Mici D'ici to which they said, "We sell Mici, a Romanian sausage also called Mititei. We put it in sandwiches and on poutine."

The menu includes items like Naked Mici, the Mici Sandwich, the Chiftele Slider and the Sausage Lollipop.

Courtesy of Mici D'ici

A recently added menu item has also been popular amongst customers — the Double Cannon: a burger with two Micis in it, a slightly spicy sauce, sauerkraut and fried onions.

Wondering what to get when you go? The owners said their best sellers are the Mici Slider, the Mici Sandwich and the Truffle Salt Fries — in case that helps narrow down your decision. They also were proud to mention that they "have received the accreditation of Aliments du Québec au Menu because the majority of [their] ingredients come from here, hence the name Mici D'ici."

If all of this sounds delicious to you, head on over to Mici D'ici on rue Mont-Royal to test the menu out. Just note that it's closed on Mondays.

Mici D'ici

Address: 19, rue Mont-Royal E., Montreal, QC

Why You Need To Go: To get a little taste of Romania here in Montreal!


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