The Freezing Rain In Montreal May Not Be That Bad But There's More Snow Coming Our Way

After we all overreacted to the first snowflakes on Tuesday, the weather has decided to follow it up with freezing rain in Montreal and a bunch more snow on the horizon.

According to the latest weather report, we can expect some freezing rain over the next couple of days. Plus, next week is forecasted to snow quite a bit, so it's time to put on those winter tires and get out those parkas.

According to Environment Canada, there's freezing rain possible in Montreal on Wednesday evening through Thursday.

A special weather alert states that "a warm front associated with a low pressure system from the Prairies will move across the province of Quebec today and Thursday."

"Although the risk of freezing rain is low over the southern areas of the province, ice accretion amounts of a trace to 1 millimetre will still be possible tonight, particularly over the areas along the St. Lawrence River as well as over the Appalachian Mountains."

While it's not forecasted to be too intense in Montreal, highways, roads and sidewalks might become icy and slippery as the day goes on.

We'll remind you again to put on those winter tires if you're planning to drive. Remember that even though you have until December 1 to put on your winter tires in Quebec, winter comes fast and without mercy around these parts. Book an appointment at your mechanic before you literally wreck yourself.

In terms of snow, there are a few flurries forecasted on Tuesday and Wednesday next week, with 2-4 centimetres of snow projected to fall, according to The Weather Network.

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