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You Could Make $2,000 For Sharing Your COVID-19 Story As Part Of A Government Campaign

A casting agency is urgently seeking Montrealers who were hospitalized with the virus.
You Could Make $2,000 For Sharing Your COVID-19 Story As Part Of A Government Campaign

No one should have to experience being hospitalized for COVID-19. But if you've already lived through the nightmare, then you might as well do something positive with it. A casting agency is urgently seeking "people in Montreal who are willing to share their story on how they’ve been hospitalized from COVID-19" — and you'll get $2,000 for the job.

No previous acting experience is required.

Plus, in addition to the payment, sharing your story could convince other people to take precautions, like wearing a mask, more seriously. 

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$2,000 To share your story of being hospitalized from COVID-19

For those who watched Premier François Legault's press conference yesterday, the concept will sound familiar.  

"In the next few days, I've asked those responsible for publicity to have a new ad [...] with testimonies from people who either had COVID or had a close relative who unfortunately died of COVID," Legault said.

He also said he hopes to recruit young stars as spokespeople to spread the message about the dangers of the virus and the importance of public health rules.

MTL Blog reached out to Carly Granovsky of Carly Granovsky Casting and she would not confirm whether the casting call is for the same campaign, though the eBOSS Canada post specifies that it's a government project.

Either way, Montrealers should keep an eye out for new, local COVID-19 PSAs. Will they be cheeky? Sentimental? Effective?

The deadline to apply is today so the answer probably isn't too far off. 

You can apply by submitting a video here

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