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You Don't Want To Miss This Documentary Premiere In Montreal

And it's free!

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You Don't Want To Miss This Documentary Premiere In Montreal
Courtesy of Frederico Panetta, Ghetto University

You can be the first to see "Ghetto University", an inspiring and powerful documentary produced by Montreal native and entrepreneur, Frederico Panetta. The premiere is taking place on June 1st at the historic Cinéma Impérial in Montreal. The best part is that it's free and everyone's invited to attend and enjoy the red carpet experience.

The groundbreaking documentary transcends boundaries and redefines what it means to overcome obstacles when you're raised in a challenging environment. Panetta, who was born and raised in Montreal-North, created this project to inspire and empower young individuals and push them to showcase their potential to achieve greatness. The night begins with the red carpet at 5pm, followed by pictures, cocktails, food, music, and finally the documentary at 6:30pm. Don’t miss a night to remember! Get your FREE tickets here.

Ghetto University Premiere

Price: Free!

When: June 1 at 5pm

Address: Cinéma Impérial, 1430 Rue de Bleury, Montreal

Why You Should Go: Don't miss the opportunity to see this one time exclusive viewing of the documentary "Ghetto University" produced by Frederico Panetta. The premiere is open to everyone and begins at 5pm with a red carpet experience followed by the documentary viewing at 6:30pm.

About Frederico Panetta: CEO of Gould Industries, Frederico is a visionary entrepreneur who stands out by his bold leadership and commitment to young people and the community. With an unwavering execution in every project he undertakes and his unique way of intertwining art and business he is constantly dedicated to make a difference in people's life.

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