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'Occupation Double' Is Kicking Contestants Accused Of Bullying Out Of The Competition

A first in the show's history, according to Narcity Québec.

'Occupation Double Martinique' cast.

'Occupation Double Martinique' cast.

Things are heating up over in Martinique right now (and we're not talking about the weather) after Quebec reality dating show Occupation Double announced it would be removing contestants accused of bullying from the competition — a first in the show's history, according to Narcity Québec.

Fans had earlier called out production for not taking proper measures when it came to the behaviour of Isaack, Philippe and Félix. The criticism led four branded partners, Okari, Polysleep, Twenty Compass and Shop Santé to sever ties with the show.

Now, the OD Martinique production team has stated in a press release that they want to make a "clear gesture against bullying," which just so happens to be timed with the disappearance of dollar signs.

"The production of OD Martinique announces that it is removing the candidates directly associated with bullying from the adventure. The contestants, and their families, will be coached and supported to deal with this turnaround," they wrote.

Production did not name the contestants who would be removed from the show, but did confirm they would meet with a psychologist. "The production decided to act promptly last week by asking Ms. Dania Raminez, a member of the Order of Psychologists, to meet the candidates. She will travel to Martinique to support anyone in need of support in this situation."

The show announced in a Facebook post earlier this week that it would be implementing a workshop on non-violent communication and providing contestants with training on bullying prevention.

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