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Porter Airlines Is Launching New Routes With $1 Flights & Seats Are Selling Out Fast

$1 flight to Toronto anyone?

Porter airlines plane flying through the air.

Porter airlines plane flying through the air.

Porter Airlines is introducing a slew of new routes this February and are celebrating with $1 flights. Yes, $1 flights! Now, it's no secret that flying within Canada can be very expensive, so if you've been eyeing a weekend trip or a quick Canadian getaway, now just might be the perfect time to book.

"Come celebrate with us on our inaugural flights, as we fly off to our new jet destinations," Porter Airlines wrote on its website.

Montreal, Ottawa, Halifax, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver are all part of the $1 flight celebration.

Travellers will be able to buy a plane ticket for $1 on their "inaugural and return flight, plus airport fees and taxes." What does this really mean? Well, you are, in fact, getting a ticket for $1, but that only really covers your seat on the plane.

While your roundtrip fare will cost less than a cup of coffee, travellers will still be required to dish out airport fees and taxes. According to Porter, airport costs vary depending on destination, so all in all, roundtrip tickets could potentially cost travellers anywhere between $81.80 and $97.32 — which is still one heck of a bargain.

For example, Montrealers wanting to fly out to Toronto will have to pay a total of $97.31 after extra costs. If this sounds like the travel plan for you, then it's best to book as fast as possible.

"Hurry — this offer is limited to the first 50 passengers," the airline warns. Per the Porter booking page, roundtrip tickets from Toronto to Vancouver have already sold out.

So, how do you book your flight? Well, according to Porter, in order to book your $1 Flexible fare on the inaugural flight, you must enter the promo code provided upon booking.

The Porter flights will begin on February 1 and run until February 26. For those who wish to depart on a different date, you can totally benefit from this deal so long as it is "within 7 days of the inaugural flight, you can use the same promo code for a 50% discount on your return fare."

Now, as if the $1 flights weren't great enough, the airline is also offering travellers who book an inaugural flight a $150 voucher for their next Porter flight and a chance to win a free roundtrip on Porter. "The inaugural voucher and prizes will be provided at your departure gate."

Safe travels!

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