Québec Solidaire Is Unironically Selling $20 Supreme-Inspired Socks Made In The U.S.

The party explained why they're so expensive.

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Québec solidaire socks for sale on their website. Right: Québec solidaire members and candidates pose.

Québec solidaire socks for sale on their website. Right: Québec solidaire members and candidates pose.

Quebec election season is upon us and with it a host of big claims, ambitious promises and audacious moves to bring more acclaim — and voter turnout — for the province's competing political parties. While some parties promise an out-of-towner tax on travel and others offer payouts for Quebecers, Québec solidaire is busy hawking $20 socks.

The party is selling their branded socks alongside other themed merch, including a rather beautiful printed floral design available on shirts and tote bags for relatively normal prices. Calf-length and plain white, the socks are printed with a simple orange rectangle containing the word "Solidaire" in a white font. Yes, it's based on the Supreme brick logo. In the year of our Lord 2022.

The Quebec solidaire logo socks, available now.The Quebec solidaire logo socks, available now.Quebec solidaire

Québec solidaire describes their merch line as "colourful, unifying and daring," which is an interesting thing to say about socks that are a) mostly white and b) cost about the same as a reasonably priced lunch.

What's more, unlike their sweaters and totes, Québec solidaire's mid-2000s-chic footwear isn’t even produced in Quebec — they’re made in the United States. "Quebec-based production was a priority," the party explained in an email to Narcity Québec, "but it wasn't possible in every situation, especially because of production delays."


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Québec solidaire also claimed to have verified the working conditions at every production location they relied on, and confirmed that the printing studio they used in Montreal was unionized. That's nice, but it doesn’t necessarily justify the stylistic choices involved in the design of these unique socks.

The Supreme-inspired Qu\u00e9bec solidaire logo as printed on the socks.The Supreme-inspired Québec solidaire logo as printed on the socks.Quebec solidaire

Credit for the Quebec Supreme sock design goes to the party’s artistic director, the party explained via email. In response to the steep price tag for a pair of mostly regular white socks, the party emphasized the importance of their on-demand manufacturing strategy, which is intended to be ecologically friendly, as well as the higher price tag on green materials. They also confirmed that the party makes no profit from the sale of their merch, which does raise the question: why?

If you want to step out in style with a politically-charged pep to your step, the Solidaire socks are available on the Québec solidaire merch page alongside their other, more standard merch offerings.
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