The Quebec City Trucker 'Freedom Convoy' Has Earned Some Hilarious Reactions

Bonhomme Carnaval is not happy about it!

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The Quebec City Trucker 'Freedom Convoy' Has Earned Some Hilarious Reactions

As the so-called "Freedom Convoy" continues in Ottawa, truckers have now made their way to Quebec City, and folks have mixed feelings about it. As the protest unfolds in the provincial capital, Quebecers have taken to social media to express their feelings, and some responses to the protests are making us LOL.

The Quebec City convoy began the same time the iconic Quebec Winter Carnaval did, and cartoonist, André-Philippe Côté got his thoughts across in quite a humorous way.

Quebecers React To The Freedom Convoy In Quebec City & It\u2019s Some Responses HilariousAndré-Philippe Côté | Facebook

While the truckers may be honking their horns, the notorious Bonhomme Carnaval will be seemingly tooting his horn even louder, per Côté's illustration on his Facebook page.

Speaking of the Carnaval, one person came up with quite an amusing theory for the truckers' presence in Quebec City.

"My hypothesis on the Quebec protest is that all the Kevins want to go and celebrate Carnaval without any trouble of finding parking for their trucks," @pmartin_UdeM wrote. With parking being tough enough as is during Carnaval, we bet finding a spot now is harder than trying to decipher a Montreal parking sign.

The ongoing situation is also sparking some comical memes involving Health Minister, Christian Dubé.

"BREAKING NEWS: Christian Dubé spotted stealing beer from the truckers Friday afternoon," @RBananes hilariously tweeted out.

Even the Quebec City police are getting in some clapbacks. After a journalist tweeted out that the convoy was 24 kilometres long as it reached Quebec City "according to police," the SPVQ was quick to say "who said that?..."

"For your information, there are about 8 kilometres of driving lanes between the start of Laurier Boulevard and the National Assembly. Traffic is slow but accessible throughout the city," the SPVQ responded — and we're kinda living for the shady "FYI" undertone.

The mocking didn't stop there. One Quebecer took the opportunity to share that he would be starting his own protest, but this one would be against the winter.

"I'm organizing a big protest in Quebec on March 20 against winter. Come in big numbers and we will end winter. You'll see we will win this battle," followed by an even funnier hashtag "#GoFundMeMyBoat," @ChrisDalmont tweeted out.

Although many are poking fun at the Quebec City convoy, others aren't as thrilled about it.

"Freedom Convoy. Yeah, you! Did you know that you're depriving people of their freedom by coming to take over downtown Quebec? We're already being advised against going to Place Laurier, downtown, etc. Because of who? You. Get out!" @yvonfrenette48 wrote.

Listen, Yvon we don't know what to tell ya, we really don't.

Mike Chaar
Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
Mike Chaar is an Assistant Editor for MTL Blog focused on recalls in Canada and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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