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Second Cup Has Unveiled Its Holiday Menu & A New Cinnamon Toast Drink

There are also new cold foam flash brews to try.

Second Cup holiday drinks.

Second Cup holiday drinks.

As the holiday season percolates, Second Cup has revealed a festive menu that promises to add a little extra froth to your cheer. Among the classic yuletide offerings is a new cinnamon toast selection and pistachio pick-me-ups, that offer a warmly spiced alternative to wintertime chill.

Peppermint Moccaccino. Right: Candy Cane White Hot Chocolate.Peppermint Moccaccino. Right: Candy Cane White Hot Chocolate.Courtesy of Second Cup.

The returning Peppermint Moccaccino is like a holiday hug in a cup. The blend of espresso with steamed milk and chocolate, infused with a refreshing hint of peppermint is reminiscent of a cool winter walk. Garnished with a velvety swirl of whipped cream and a sprinkle of holiday shimmer, it's a beverage that could well be the liquid embodiment of a winter wonderland.

For chocoholics, Second Cup presents a taste of the North Pole with the Candy Cane White Hot Chocolate. This treat is a delectable mix of creamy white chocolate infused with the cool, minty punch of candy cane. Topped generously with whipped cream and candy cane sprinkles, it's a drink that doubles as dessert.

Cinnamon Toast Latt\u00e9. Right: Eggnog Espresso Latt\u00e9.Cinnamon Toast Latté. Right: Eggnog Espresso Latté.Courtesy of Second Cup.

Not to be overshadowed, the Eggnog Espresso Latté offers a comforting embrace of its own. espresso with creamy, spiced eggnog. It's nostalgia, warmth, and a caffeine jolt, all in one cup.

The Cinnamon Toast Latté is a stellar addition to the lineup, blending espresso, steamed milk, and a sweet cinnamon kick, evoking the flavors of a freshly toasted slice of cinnamon bread.

Tea enthusiasts aren't left out in the cold either. The Holiday London Fog is a special holiday blend tea bag, combined with steamed milk and a dash of vanilla syrup. It’s an infusion of coziness and relaxation, perfect for those long winter nights.

Peppermint Cold Foam Flash Cold Brew. Right: Cinnamon Toast Cold Foam Flash Cold Brew.Peppermint Cold Foam Flash Cold Brew. Right: Cinnamon Toast Cold Foam Flash Cold Brew.Courtesy of Second Cup.

For those who enjoy a chilled beverage even in winter, Second Cup's Cold Foam Flash Cold Brews have you covered. The lineup includes Pistachio, Cinnamon Toast, and Peppermint.

Unlike the traditional holiday beverages that lean heavily on peppermint or nutmeg, the Cinnamon Toast variant stands out, with a blend of warm cinnamon and a hint of brown sugar, reminiscent of a freshly toasted slice of cinnamon bread. Topped with a fluffy cinnamon-infused cold foam, it's a balance of sweetness and spice, offering a novel twist to the holiday drink repertoire. Meanwhile, the pistachio cold foam combines the rich taste of flash cold brew coffee with a frothy pistachio-flavored topping, and the peppermint cold foam pairs the boldness of cold brew with a refreshing peppermint foam, providing a cool kick for the season.

With coffee shops becoming a refuge from the biting cold and a space to catch up with friends, Second Cup's new offerings are poised to be the go-to choices for many this season.

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