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Montreal Winter Weather Will Apparently Be Icy With Expletive-Inducing Cold Snaps

And it could hit as early as December. 🥶

​A pedestrian on Saint-Denis during a snowstorm.

A pedestrian on Saint-Denis during a snowstorm.

As Montreal basks in the summer sun, the Farmer's Almanac is already poking us with icy fingers of the not-so-distant winter. Some might say it's premature, others would call it downright rude, but here we are, being briefed on snow while our ice creams still melt.

Using their weather formula, the Almanac is offering an extended peek into the chilly days ahead. If the Montreal weather forecast is to be believed, the 2023-24 season is poised to be… memorable. Of course, the whims of nature can always bring a surprise or two.

December is expected to roll out its wintry carpet early this year, giving Montreal a brisk preview on the first of the month. Instead of a gentle transition, the Almanac suggests we might find ourselves abruptly yanked from our cozy autumn dreams.

Chilling revelations

Quebec, along with much of Canada, is being advised to anticipate a frosty winter. Those with a soft spot for frosted windowpanes and the sound of crunching snow that define a Montreal winter won't be disappointed.

Blame (or thank, depending on where you stand) the brewing El Niño, with its unusually high-water temperatures. Set to rear its frosty head in late 2023, stretching into the winter of 2024, it's about to bring the whole snowy entourage: cold drafts, sheets of sleet, and the all-too-familiar ice patches.

By comparison, Newfoundland and Labrador might see slightly warmer climes, while British Columbia remains the anomaly, predicted to witness near-normal winter temperatures.

Cue the snow show

The Great Lakes region might be gearing up for a snow-fest, but Montreal and Quebec won't be outdone. The city is gearing up for a generous blanket of the white stuff. Streets, parks, you name it — Montreal is prepping for a full-on snowy embrace. And with sleet, ice, and the occasional frosty drizzle on the roster, it's clear winter has got a whole lot in store.

Weather highlights (or lowlights?)

  • A precipitation medley is on the horizon in January, with Quebec likely to witness rain, sleet, and snow.
  • February holds promise for snow enthusiasts with a significant coastal storm set to sweep through Quebec.
  • March hints at a lingering winter presence. Those in southern Quebec might be looking at a white canvas as they prepare for Easter festivities — might be more snow bunny than chocolate bunny in 2024.

Montreal, the memo is clear: soak in the summer while you can. Winter's on the horizon, and it seems to have an agenda. As for the Farmer's Almanac, thanks for the early intel, I guess.

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